Our mission is to create access to the remote areas of Panamá, enabling people to enjoy our most spectacular landscapes. By developing and mapping a trail that extends the length of our land, we will connect regions and people in new way for generations to come.

Our Motivation
When the original pioneers began settling the land that is Panamá such a trail existed; however, to this day there is no single map outlining the original route or the settlements along its path.
By undertaking this project, the volunteers of TransPanama Foundation realize a tangible sense of participation in the making of Panamanian history.
Additional driving factors include:
Connecting people with nature and intensifying the desire to protect our environment;
Educating our youth by bringing them closer to their land and historical roots;
Improving the quality of life for remote communities by incorporating them in the project;
Creating public facilities and resources enabling people to explore on foot: the best way to see our country; and,
Working together for common goals that generate solidarity and strengthen our national identity.

“There is no trail to happiness,
happiness is the trail.”